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Ultrasound FAQs

How can I schedule an ultrasound appointment?

You may call our office at 970-927-5066 Monday through Friday to schedule the appointment.  Ultrasound availability varies, but most patient can be seen within one week.

Do I need to fast my pet for ultrasound?

Pets should be fasted for 12 hours prior to abdominal ultrasound. This allows for ideal visualization of the entire abdomen.  It is not necessary to withhold water from your pet but please refrain from letting your pet urinate for a couple of hours prior to the ultrasound.  A full bladder is much easier to evaluate.

What is the ultrasound like?

Many clients are concerned about the ultrasound causing stress on their pet.  Patients are positioned on their side or back during the exam.  The area being imaged (abdomen or chest) will be shaved.  Our doctors and nurses are gentle and move slowly to ensure your pet feels comfortable.  Most patients tolerate this very well, and some dogs and cats even fall asleep during ultrasound!

Will my pet require sedation?

Sedation is rarely needed during ultrasound.  If, however, sedation is indicated our staff of doctors and nurses can administer a safe sedative at additional cost.