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What is a Veterinary Specialist?

A board-certified veterinary specialist has completed not only undergraduate studies and four years of veterinary school, but also an internship and residency in a chosen specialty field (an additional three-five years of training).  In addition to this extensive training, specialty veterinarians have passed rigorous examinations to achieve board certification in their respective field of study.

Seeing a specialist for your pet's illness is very much like you seeing a human specialist for your medical problems.  Specialists have focused their training in a specific area of medicine or surgery and are confident managing complicated or difficult problems.  Their comprehensive knowledge of specific problems, treatments, and outcomes helps them achieve the diagnosis, and ultimately the appropriate treatment, more efficiently.  This can often save precious time and money.  It may shorten the amount of time your pet experiences discomfort and helps them to recover more quickly. 

Adding a specialist to your pet's health care team provides the most comprehensive care.

Please consult the "Calendar" tab for our specialists' scheduled visit days and call us (970-927-5066) to arrange an appointment.