Please know we are working hard to serve our local community to our best ability despite a national shortage of veterinary doctors. We truly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work through this tough time. Our hours may vary - please call our clinic at 970-927-5066 for open availability.

The heart and lungs give life to our pets. The strength and rhythm of the heartbeat as well as the health of the lungs contribute to the overall quality of life for our pets. Few things are as important as heart health for our pets. Veterinary Cardiology is a specialty focusing on these critical systems.

Cardiology specialists treat a wide variety of heart ailments including valve disease, heart muscle disease, congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure, irregular heartbeats, and some types of lung disease that may affect the heart. A veterinary cardiologist uses advanced diagnostic testing to uncover the source of your pet’s problem and is dedicated to guiding you through the best possible treatment plan in a compassionate way. 


Dr. Sanderson takes appointments at VEPC once per month. For questions or to inquire about an appointment, please call Dr. Sanderson at 970-927-5066.

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